Archery at the 2007 Black Sea Games – Men’s individual

The Men’s individual archery event at the 2007 Black Sea Games was part of the archery programme and took place at the Akçaabat Fatih Stadium. Ranking Round was scheduled for July 5. And rest of the competition July 6.

23 archers from 6 countries for the event at the 2007 Black Sea Games.

The competition began with the ranking round. Each archer fired 72 arrows. This round was done entirely to seed the elimination brackets; all archers moved on to them. The elimination rounds used a single-elimination tournament, with fixed brackets based on the ranking round seeding. In each round of elimination, the two archers in each match fired 12 arrows; the archer with the higher score advanced to the next round while the other archer was eliminated.

the oldest archer : Daniel Ciornei, Romania, February 8, 1989

the youngest archer : Gogita Kakabadze, Georgia, September 23, 1993